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I brought my Rottweiler back for her one month follow up x-rays/examination after her cruciate ligament surgery ( TPLO Surgery ). It was no surprise to find Dr. Dhaliwal and his staff so helpful and professional. As a result my little girl is healing very well and walking very well on the surgical back leg. I also want to thank my friend, Alise Morris who recommended Dr. Dhaliwal and the Michigan Animal Hospital to me. I can't say enough of the excellent treatment both Xena and myself received during this time. Dr. Dhaliwal is the best. Thanks so much for healing my dog's injury and Xena thanks you for your kindness and care, not to mention the treats!

Dale Dahlstrom

Love Dr Dhaliwal and staff! My sweet 14-year old, Thelma had an infected/ulcerated eye; her pupil was damaged, and an ear infection. I got an appointment to have her seen very quickly and thanks to the excellent care she received; her eye and ear are all better!!!! I was really worried as my mother's dog had a similar problem with terrible results (a vet clinic in Grosse Pointe); where the poor dog ended up losing her eye. Michigan Animal Hospital provides excellent professional and compassionate care.

Inge Gaenssle

About two weeks ago I brought my english bulldog puppy (Oscar) in to see Dr. Dhaliwal. Since having been turned away by numerous vets because no one wanted to perfrom the surgery on my little puppy Oscar because of little to no experience with a salivary gland surgery. Dr. Dhaliwal has done this type of surgery before and was able to help Oscar. His staff was very kind and courteous and treated Oscar as if he was their puppy. I wanted to say thanks for everything and I would without a doubt be coming here for any of Oscar's veterinary needs.

Anthony Mach
I would like to let all my friends know what a fantastic clinic this is for all animals. I have been taking my pets to Dr. Dhaliwal's MAAH for several years. The staff is fantastic and caring with your pet's and the pet's are definitely in good hands. My babies are Matilda a Snoodle and Kitt a Chinese Crested. they are special (and that's the way they are treated by the staff). A big thank you to the staff and Dr. Dhaliwal for doing what they do best with gentle hands

Alfred Merritt
Welcome to Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital!
Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital is an established, full-service animal hospital serving Ypsilanti-Ann Arbor, Michigan and Greater Detroit area. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of veterinary care for pets. We offer friendly, informative, and compassionate routine and advanced services including:
  • Preventative and Emergency Care.
  • Advanced Medical, Dental, and Surgical Services.
  • Chronic Condition Management.
  • Rehabilitation inc. Hydrotherapy and Land Treadmill. 
  • Day and Long-term Boarding.
  • Cosmetic and Medical Grooming.
  • Full in-house Pharmacy and Extensive Online Pharmacy.

Our highly skilled veterinarians
(doctors Dhaliwal, Will, and Barlas) and knowledgeable support team treat your pets as they would their own -providing custom care based on your and your pet's individual needs.

We are passionate about our relationship with you and your relationship with your pet, and we think this includes strong client education opportunities! We welcome you to explore our website, which offers numerous resources for you to learn how to best take care of your pets, understand pet health, and research specialty services. Have a question about something you see here? We encourage you to call us at 734-482-8171 to discuss!
Sierra had Diaphragmatic Hernia Surgery

Veterinary dentistry is a very important part of pet health care at our animal vet clinic. A pet with dental disease is not only in pain, but is also at risk of developing serious diseases of internal organs such as the liver, kidney, and heart.We offer first-rate expert Pet dental care. Learn More....

Tibial Fracture repaired, Bone Plating

Dr Ajaib Dhaliwal has experience of  performing advance Veterinary Orthopedic procedures. Over the years, Dr.Ajaib Dhaliwal has attended many seminars and workshops to learn the newest techniques in Veterinary orthopedic surgery and has been doing bone surgeries for ten years. Dr. Dhaliwal is experienced to offer a wide variety of orthopedic procedures including, but not limited to, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) repair (MRIT/TPLO) Patellar luxation, Bone plating, and Fracture repair. Advanced and complicated  case are referred to Veterinary Specialist Surgeons at : Michigan Veterinary Specialist, Veterinary College at Michigan State University, Oakland Veterinary Referral services. Learn More ....

Everted Gland of Third Eye Lid

We at Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital in addition to routine elective surgeries such as spaying for a female pet, neutering for a male pet, and feline de-clawing procedures, we also perform a wide variety of specialty soft-tissue surgeries. Commonly-performed surgeries include: exploratory; Sleenectomy; Cystotomy; mass removals; Perineal urethrostomy (PU); Gastropexy to prevent bloat, C-sections, organ biopsies, tumor removal & biopsies. Learn More .....

"I am Marley, I am home alone"

  We have Dog Boarding as well Cat Boarding service at Michigan Ave Vet Hospital. When your pet can’t be with you on vacation, we provide a clean and comfortable place for your pet’s “staycation”. With an experienced veterinarian, state-of-the-art vet clinic facility and a professional team of pet experts available to your pet, you can put your mind at ease about any medical treatments your pet may require during their stay at our veterinary hospital.We do not want you to worry about your pet while you are away. We provide a safe and secure environment for your pet that includes a fenced-in yard. From different sized cages and Dog kennels for your dog, to condos and cages for your cat, we have boarding facilities that will accommodate the largest to the smallest of pets. Your pets comfort and a stress-free stay is our main goal!  Learn More....

As a part of our commitment to being the full service veterinary clinic, Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital offers pet grooming services that help your pet stay healthy and safe in a professional and caring environment. Regular professional cat grooming and dog grooming can eliminate a number of health risks, prevent uncomfortable skin conditions, and enhance the pet owner experience. Sometimes clients wonder if professional grooming of their pet is really necessary. Matted or excessively long hair could be hiding skin diseases, fleas, and ticks. While it is nice to have your pet looking its best, our professional groomers are trained to look for these health concerns and bring them to the veterinarian’s attention. Learn More ....

Regular wellness exams allow veterinarian to evaluate your pet’s general health and become aware of any Pet health problems before they become serious illnesses. Since your pet cannot vocalize his feelings, you must rely on regular physical examinations by a veterinarian and your at-home observations to assess your pet’s health. Comprehensive physical examination is very crucial to evaluate your pet’s health. Learn More....

Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital serves Ypsilanti, Ann-Arbor, Belleville, Van Buren, Plymouth-Canton, Milan, Saline, Pittsfield, Chelsea, Jackson, Dexter and surrounding areas.
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