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I have a spoiled rotten,10 yr old neutered male Shih Tzu, named Kuro. He's also blind, but still my sweet baby! 

Although it's only him and me now, there's a lot of talking around our house. I didn't realize he knows so many words! Some people say it's repetition, but I prefer to think he's that smart....... 
We moved to Michigan from Indiana 4 years ago, and for the first 7 years of Kuro's life, the only expense I had was vaccinations, grooming,and buying toys. ( Lots of toys) 
But time passes on and age starts taking a toll, and he started having problems: bladder, tumor on paw,liver enzymes too high, dental work, eye problems,and for the past few months, skin problems. 
Dr. Dhaliwal has done all of Kuro's surgeries, and worked with me on the other problems. He never loses his patience, and stays calm while I am asking my 100 questions . 
Dr. Dhaliwal is definitely in the correct profession. It seems he has a passion for not only helping animals, but he takes every opportunity to learn new techniques so he can help them even more. 
The staff is also very nice. They greet you with a smile, take the time to talk, explain meds,etc. and if Dr. D. doesn't call to check on Kuro after a procedure, the staff will, and that means a lot to me. 
Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital is a caring place, and everyone makes sure your pet is given the best care. Whatever it takes to make you and your pet "HAPPY!"

Judi Perdue
Ava_photoAva Lost in the Shuffle of Humane Society Life
Ava_pre-surgery Xray

Ava was spotted by a Good Samaritan lying by the side of the road with an injured leg.  Knowing the humane society had a vet on staff they drove her there hoping she would get the medical care she needed and deserved while waiting for her family to find her.
10 days later a friend of the family that dropped this little girl off at the humane society called to let them know that her family never called for her and she was going to be put down at 10:00 AM.  Her leg was still broken so it had begun to heal making it a huge challenge, if not an impossible
task, to repair it. 
The family who took her to the humane society were devastated and rushed back there to see if they could rescue her again.  The humane society released her with the broken leg to the family and they in turn named her Ava and brought her to FMAR ( Friends Of Michigan Animal Rescue).
We checked her in and immediately called Dr. Dhaliwal of Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital. He told us to bring her right in and he would take a look.  The first thing they did was to examine her and get an x-ray so he could see what it would take to make her whole again.  He was in total amazement when he looked at the x-ray.  Her hip was out of socket and her femur was completely severed.  The socket was going to be the hardest part of the surgery but Dr. Dhaliwal would do what he could to get it back in.  If he couldn’t get it back in he would go to plan B and remove the ball so the leg would move into place and then we would need to let nature take over to heal it.  Either way he was confident he could save the leg. The surgery took a long time but in the end everything turned out great!
Ava_post_surgery_xrayAva says she feels like a new girl and is excited about being able to walk on all 4 legs again…but she will mind the doctor and take it easy for a couple of months until everything completely heals before using it too much! Everyone at Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital say she is a beautiful girl with a wonderful personality to match.  I think when you see her picture below you will agree she is an adorable happy girl that was worth saving.
Ava and FMAR thank Dr. Dhaliwal and the Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital team for your hard work, amazing skills, compassion and dedication to the FMAR animals. 
Thank you so much
                                                I love you all…Ava

    My name is Furley and I want to tell everyone about Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital. Every year I go there to get my shots, but I’ve also had to make many other trips to visit Dr.Dhaliwal and his friends. A few years ago, I tore my Achilles tendon. My mom took me to two vets but they couldn’t Furley_In_Jacket_Photohelp me. Then she took me to see Dr. D.  He knew what was wrong with me right away and wanted to help me so much that he called his friend at Michigan State University. He let me come in on a Sunday (that’s his only day off) so his friend could meet me. They did surgery on me and my leg has been perfect ever since. A couple of weeks ago, I hurt my foot when I was playing in the woods. My mom took me to see Dr. D right away and he stitched me up. While I was there, he gave me a check up and realized I had a big fat tumor on the side of my body. When he told my mom, she felt pretty bad because she had thought I was just fat. I had to spend the night there again, but when I left the next day all that bad stuff inside of me was gone.
Even though everyone at the hospital is very nice, I am always afraid. My mom calls me a big baby. I hide under chairs when Dr. D tries to examine me. When Olivia and Coleen try to take me in the back room, I sit down and refuse to go. I even licked out my foot stitches twice, but they just fixed me right back up. No one ever loses their patience with me. They do make me where really silly stuff though. One time, they gave me a purple cast with a pink heart. Don’t they know that I’m a boy?
I bet no one else likes to go to the animal doctor either, but if your mom makes you go, Dr. Dhaliwal’s place is the best. He can do lots of things. He takes care of all the animals that live at the animal shelter where my mom found me. It’s called FMAR and sometimes Furley_with_E_collaranimals come there who are very hurt. But Dr. Dhaliwal fixes them all no matter what their problem is.
Thank you to everyone at Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital. I hope I don’t have to come in again for a long time, but when I do, I’ll make sure my mom brings you more cookies.

Michigan Ave Animal Hospital saved my dog Desi's life! He developed a large tumor, and another vet he was seeing kept suggesting to either have very expensive surgery, or put him down. But he acted as though nothing was wrong! He was happy, eating, and there was no way I was letting him go! The other vet wanted 700.00 down to operate and the surgery would be nearly 2000.00. I couldnt come up with the 700, and by this time his tumor was bleeding and coming apart! I contacted the Mich Ave animal hospital and they got him in right away, and the Dr. informed me about Care Credit, which took just minutes to approve, and he charged under 1000.00 for the surgery, with NO out of pocket expense! 2 weeks later, and Desi had his stitches removed, (no charge), and is doing wonderful! Thank you Dr Dhaliwal for this special Christmas present, by saving Desi!
John Galvin

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