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Paco_photoYou all have been outstanding. That's why I'm switching to your clinic after nearly 12 years at my previous veterinary clinic. You were there for me in a pinch when no one else was. And though I'll admit that my second visit was partially out of my still-hurt feelings because of my previous vet dropping the ball when I needed them most, I was completely won over by the expertise shown by Dr. Dhaliwal in treating my Paco. The cost of services is a big factor, true, but it's more than that; Dr. Dhaliwal clearly knows what he is doing, and it shows. I am truly impressed. What's more, Paco is already showing improvement, and that in itself is a big deal! I can't imagine going back to my previous vet now, not when I feel that I'm getting better care at your clinic, and for a price that is not digging me deep into debt. Thank you for that, it allows me to be a better pet owner.

When my Corgi got into a bag of Christmas hooks, I phoned my usual vet and was shocked that could not find time to see him. This was an emergency! So I started phoning every vet in the area, but no one could fit him in. Then I called the Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital. Dr. Dhaliwal was able to see him immediately, and the cost of service was quite reasonable. I was both relieved and impressed. The next time I needed vet care for my other dog, I was once again able to see Dr. Dhaliwal right away, and was once more impressed with the professionalism and expertise shown by the doctor and his staff. I was with my previous veterinarian for nearly 12 years, but the Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital has stolen my loyalty. I feel as if I've discovered a hidden gem! Ein_Photo
Trista Hixson
Ein (Corgi) and Paco (Chihuahua)
15 Apr 2012
Dear Dr. Dhaliwal and Staff,

We have moved across the state and are so sad to have to say goodbye:( You and your staff have been amazing in the care of my pet family and I'm not sure I will ever find a Vets office that could duplicate your extraordinary service. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will be transferring Connor, Fiona, and Ninja's records to Animal clinic in Greenville where we are settled in. But I would like to request that If Connor should ever need surgery for his hip or any other condition That you would allow us to return to your clinic specifically under Dr. Dhaliwal’s care. Thank you again for all you and your staff have done for my "kids" We will truely miss you all. 
 Sonya Yaw

Dr. Dhaliwal and his staff at Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital have taken exemplary care of our family's pets for several years. We have been extremely pleased with the quality of care provided. His loving and understanding way makes us feel we have found the best veterinarian - and a new friend.

Ruth & Family

Dear Dr. Dhaliwal and Staff,          May 21, 2011

I wanted to let you know how much Zoe and I appreciate your dedication and good care!  Zoe is doing excellent after Luxating Patella Surgery. We will continue our visits, as we have for the past 7 years, from our new home in Brooklyn, Mi., as I trust in your care explicitly!
Thank You so much!

Cindy and Zoe Houston 

I came home from work on a Thurday evening and picked up my mini American Eskimo - LuLu - to give her a hug. As I went to set her down she pushed away and I lost control of her. She landed wrong and immediately started yelping. I could see her front, left leg was broke and she was in terrible pain. I rushed her to the vet near my home. I was told she would have to go to a hospital that night because I could not take her home in that condition (compound fracture)....I took her to the closest animal hospital and they discussed the operation and price....I just about fell out of my chair....Low amount: $4200.00, High amount $4400.00 I left LuLu there over night because knew they would take care of her better than I could with the condition she was in..I woke up early Friday morning and searched the web for animal hospitals in this area. I found Michigan Ave Animal Hospital and left them a message to phone me as soon as they opened. They did phone me early and I explained my situation...I was torn and didn't know what to do. Finally the nurse at Michigan Ave told me to go get my dog and bring her in and they would take care of her. 
Dr.Dhaliwal came in on his day off and performed the surgery placing a rod and 8 screws........the price ? about half of what the original hospital wanted. Dr.Dhaliwal and his staff LOVE animals and I can not thank them enough !!!!! 
I am happy to report that LuLu is doing quote well and my bank account doesn't look too bad either !!!



Wistful Lucy

We said goodbye to this sweet dog about 5 weeks ago with the help of Dr. Dhaliwal and his caring staff. Thank you all so much for the tenderness with which you helped us through that very difficult and sad time. Lucy could not have been in better hands--nor could we.
Rebecca Martusewicz and Gary Schnakenberg

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