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Raven and her "salivary gland surgery”
Raven has been at FMAR for over 8 years.  She was just a baby that jumped into the arms of a volunteer dog walker on a clear summer day.  Since she came to FMAR she has been a “queen bee” around the shelter so when we noticed that she wasn’t acting like herself and she was salivating more than usual, we opened her mouth to find what we thought was a huge tumor. We knew right away she needed to see Dr. Dhaliwal.
What he discovered was not a tumor at all but a blocked Salivary gland.  Although we were relieved it wasn’t cancer, we were told it would require surgery and a long recovery period.Salivery_Mucocele_Surgery
Raven has always been a tough girl so we knew she would make it through just fine, but she wasn’t going to like it!
This is Raven.  I would like to tell my side of the story.  I had been arguing with Mr. Tough Guy Cesar and we got into a little altercation…which I won of course.  Later on that week I started to feel a little under the weather. Marcy looked into my mouth and began to panic…I don’t know what her problem was, I didn’t feel that bad!
She insisted I be taken to see Dr. Dhaliwal where I had to tolerate poking and prodding; but of course not without a few choice words and growls to the people that were man-handling me.  I am a queen and should be treated as such after all!  
After a while I guess the doctor got tired of me because they gave me a shot in the rear and the next thing I remember was waking up with a big tube hanging out of my neck.  They did put a patch on my side so the pain was next to nothing….they would have had heck to pay if I was in pain!
For the next few weeks my diet consisted of wet, soupy food which I wasn’t very fond of.  It was quite difficult to swallow so most of the time I just took a bite or two and gave up for a while. 
Once the drain was removed it became a little easier to eat and drink.  I am not happy about having to have the surgery but I am grateful that I was at FMAR where I could get the help I needed, even though I didn’t always show how much I know they care about me.
I will always love my home at FMAR and maybe someday I may even like the other cats here!! LOLRelaxing_Raven
Below is a little better explanation of my condition:
Salivary mucocele is a condition in which saliva leaks from a damagedsalivary gland or duct an collects in the surrounding tissues. Thecondition is also known as sialocele, cervical sialocele, cervical mucocele, ranula, and salivary cyst.
Although trauma is considered to be the usual cause for the damage to the duct or gland, it is rare that a specific traumatic event can be identified.  Salivary mucoceles are more common in dogs than cats.

Teddy_BrownOn March 23, 2012 I picked up my brand new hyperactive 8 week-old Maltipoo puppy. Shortly after bringing her home she fell and injured herself. I immediately took her to the local animal hospital, where she received X rays and it was determined that she had broken her back right tibia, and would need to have surgery, to repair the bone. The hospital informed me that the surgery would be between $2,500 to $3,000. I was devastated by the news that not only was my brand new puppy in extreme pain but I may not be able to afford the cost of her surgery.
Feeling hopeless about her situation I called my normal vet to schedule an appointment for a second opinion. I was originally told that the second opinion appointment would be free, given the circumstance, and then later called back by the vet tech and informed the appointment would actually cost me around $70.00 in addition to shots and boarding costs. This would not have normally been a problem if I had not just spent roughly $500.00 at the animal hospital the night before. I went ahead and scheduled the appointment anyways, feeling like I had no viable options.
Feeling hopeless about the news I decided to surf the net and look for a cheaper but reputable vet with low cost to free second opinion evaluations. I came across the Michigan Ave Animal Hospital after a simple Google search. Not only did they offer free second opinion evaluations but they had also received tons of pleasant reviews. I called Michigan Ave Animal Hospital first thing Monday morning to see if I could get her in for a second opinion evaluation and boarding. They agreed to see and board her that day, and I immediately took my puppy in. Dr Ajaib Dhaliwal was extremely pleasant and willing to work with me because he was very interested in helping my young puppy to recover from her injuries. He performed the surgery at half the cost of what I was quoted at the Animal Hospital. I could hardly believe how pleasant and generous Dr Ajaib Dhaliwal and his staff were to my puppy and I, in our time of need

Mercedes Brown

Oliver_PhotoI cannot speak highly enough about the Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital. Here's my story:

I adopted Oliver, a 6 year old orange cat in October of 2011. After losing my 10 year old Mr. Misty due to kidney failure, I was ready for another friend. Oliver was a rescue from a cat hoarder's house, and it was clear that he wasn't properly cared for. He had to have teeth pulled before I brought him home, and he clearly didn't get enough attention. He's the most cuddly cat I've ever encountered.

In early August, Oliver was having trouble urinating. It lasted a few days, and I took him in, as he was getting worse and worse. He had developed crystals in his urine and his urethra was completely blocked. He was becoming toxic from the ammonia, and he was getting worse by the hour. I had an appointment at another vet the next day, but I didn't think he'd make it until appointment time. He was dizzy, couldn't walk, couldn't eat, and wanted to drink (but that would have made it worse).

I rushed him to the Michigan Ave Animal hospital, where the Doctor A. and Dr. Dhaliwal took care of him swiftly by putting a catheter in so he could drain, and keeping him overnight. Because he was so toxic, and his kidney damage levels were so remarkably high, we were all prepared for the worst overnight.

By the next day, Oliver was still with us. Lucid, alert, urinating, but weak. With the IV fluids flushing through his system, his kidney levels came back to normal in a few days. He stayed for over a week, as we waited for his urethra to heal, so he would stop "leaking" (due to urethra roughness from the crystals).

The leaking didn't stop, so they had to preform a PU (Perineal Urethra). They basically removed Oliver's penis to shorten the urethra. The procedure usually works, but it is major surgery. Oliver had the procedure, and came home.

He had to wear his "cone of shame" for 14 days, to protect the stitches, but I'm glad to say that he's home, the stitches are out, he's cleaning himself and back to his super-cuddly and affectionate self.

Thank you so much to the whole team. Doctors, technicians, assistants. Without you, I would have lost two kitties in a year and I'm so thankful that you were able to save my baby!

Stephanie Taylor

merlin_photo Around the first week in March 2012, we noticed that our 4yr old Siberian Husky was having trouble getting his hind quarters up to a standing position. Although Merlin didn't seem to be in any pain,  We scheduled to have Merlins hips Xrayed on March 14th,2012 at Dr Dhaliwal’s Office. On March 11th, we had to take Merlin to the animal emergency hospital because of bloody diarrhea. The ER took an abdominal Xray and said to take it to Dr. Dhaliwal on Monday. The Xrays was dropped off and soon after we received a call saying that Merlins spleen was enlarged and had to be removed. Dr. Dhaliwal did surgery on Wednesday March 14th, 2012 and removed a 10lb spleen! He said it was the biggest one he has ever seen! We picked up Merlin later that evening and within a few days, he was feeling much better and starting to get back to his oldself. The biopsy showed no tumors or cancer. We are very grateful to Dr. Dhaliwal and his staff for saving Merlin. Now we will have many more years with our pet. We recommend the Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital to everyone who is looking for a place that truly puts the health of your pet first.
Michelle and Doug King 04/22/2012

Maya_Testimonial  Our dog Maya is one of our very best friends. When we saw her limping we were worried. She wouldn't run or use the stairs. We did research and learned that it was most likely a problem with her knee. The staff at the Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital was quick to take a look via x-ray. They told us that she would need surgery. At first we were skeptical and tried to brace the knee and took extra special care of Maya. After six months she was still limping and having trouble with the stairs. We took her back to Dr. Dhaliwal for another look. He showed us pictures of other knee surgeries he'd done and we decided to give it a try.
It took three days before Maya was comfortable walking and on the fourth she was running! She uses the stairs just as she used to and loves to play again! We are so grateful for Dr. Dhaliwal and the whole staff at the Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital.
Thank you so much!

Jeff Yoder

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