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Carmel’s ACL Surgery
Hi human peeps, my name is Carmel and yes if you’re wondering I am just as sweet as the gooey treat. I’m a 3 year and 9 month old Pitt/Terrier mix with a sweet, goofy personality that loves attention. There’s nothing I like better than visits that include ear scratches, belly rubs, snuggles and outdoor fun. I love walks, runs and spending quality time with my favorite humans. I can also do well with other dogs but this girl needs proper introductions to get the party started.POST_OP_TTA_PHOTO
I’ve had quite the topsy-turvy few months but I haven’t let anything keep my naturally happy, sweet spirit down for long. I thought I had found my fur-ever home a few years ago but things didn’t work out as planned and I found myself back here at FMAR late last year. The good people here took me back in and soon noticed I was having some trouble walking which they knew wasn’t normal for me. Silly me, I must have got over zealous with my playing awhile back and I guess my caretakers didn’t catch it before returning me. I soon found myself at Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital in Ypsilanti under the care of Dr Dhaliwal who pronounced that I had a torn ACL which he said was the most common orthopedic injury in dogs and that I would need surgery. No time was wasted and Dr Dhaliwal and his staff got the green light to fix me up. I sure was nervous but knew in my plus-size heart all would turn out right in the end. Since the injury was old and I’ve put on a few pounds, my recovery time was doubled and it’s been quite a bore not playing or running for these last 10 weeks. Thank goodness for my big red Kong toy, if I didn’t have it to chew and hold onto I’d be bored silly!
My leg is really feeling better and as soon as I get the all clear my plan is to race around the yard here till I’m dizzy and exhausted since I have 10 weeks of play to make up for. I’d love to meet my new fur-ever family soon and since my calendar is pretty freed up right now it would be a great time to give the shelter a call to schedule in a visit with me, I guarantee I can satisfy anyone’s sweet-tooth craving.
Giant Hugs, Carmel
Carmel’s story is a great one for quick recovery from Anterior cruciate ligament ( ACL) injury with advanced technique  (TTA surgery ) as compared to conventional surgery to repair ACL . Name of the surgery is "tibial tuberosity advancement ( TTA). The conventional surgery to repair a torn ACL in dogs involves stabilizing the joint with fishing line.
TTA: The New Treatment for Canine ACL Rupture Rupture of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in the Knee is the most common Orthopedic Injury in the Dog.

I have a spoiled rotten,10 yr old neutered male Shih Tzu, named Kuro. He's also blind, but still my sweet baby! 
Although it's only him and me now, there's a lot of talking around our house. I didn't realize he knows so many words! Some people say it's repetition, but I prefer to think he's that smart....... 
We moved to Michigan from Indiana 4 years ago, and for the first 7 years of Kuro's life, the only expense I had was vaccinations, grooming,and buying toys. ( Lots of toys) 
But time passes on and age starts taking a toll, and he started having problems: bladder, tumor on paw,liver enzymes too high, dental work, eye problems,and for the past few months, skin problems. 
Dr. Dhaliwal has done all of Kuro's surgeries, and worked with me on the other problems. He never loses his patience, and stays calm while I am asking my 100 questions . 
Dr. Dhaliwal is definitely in the correct profession. It seems he has a passion for not only helping animals, but he takes every opportunity to learn new techniques so he can help them even more. 
The staff is also very nice. They greet you with a smile, take the time to talk, explain meds,etc. and if Dr. D. doesn't call to check on Kuro after a procedure, the staff will, and that means a lot to me. 
Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital is a caring place, and everyone makes sure your pet is given the best care. Whatever it takes to make you and your pet "HAPPY!"

Judi Perdue
Oscar-Photo                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        About two weeks ago I brought my english bulldog puppy(Oscar) in to see Dr. Dhaliwal. Since having been turned away by numerous vets because no one wanted to perfrom the surgery on my little puppy Oscar because of little to no experience with a salivary gland surgery. Dr. Dhaliwal has done this type of surgery before and was able to help Oscar. His staff was very kind and courteous and treated Oscar as if he was their puppy. I wanted to say thanks for everything and I would without a doubt be coming here for any of Oscar's veterinary needs. Anthony Mach December 2012.

Anthony Mach
I would like to truly thank Dr. Dhaliwal and his entire staff for their professional veterinary expertise in caring for my dog Mandy. From the moment I walked into the office, I was comforted and reassured that my dog could recover from her affliction.

Mandy previously had surgery at another veterinary hospital for the removal of a growth on her hind leg. For some unfortunate reason, the area became badly infected that the doctor's opinion was amputation to save Mandy's life.

At first, I was devastated about this news and wanted to get a second opinion. Therefore, I began seeking other veterinary hospitals that specialized in this area. However, for some reason Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital would constantly reappear on my list. I began to read the testimonies from his previous clients and suddenly a peaceful feeling came over me. Even though Dr. Dhaliwal's hospital was a great distant from Detroit to Ypsilanti Michigan, it was worth the ride.

Mandy's outcome was the same, yet the calming and patient manner in which my dog and I were given from Dr. Dhaliwal and his loving staff made a difference. Today, Mandy is still running, climbing and playing even with three legs and I am thankful for the time and quality of life I still share with her.

Crystal Matthews
August 2012

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