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Tightrope CCL

The tightrope CCL technique was developed as another extracapsular technique to eliminate cranial drawer while maintaining normal range of motion.  By placing the fibertape/fiberwire through femoral and tibial bone tunnels, it strives to achieve a more anatomically correct and isometric repair.

Placement of the tunnels is key to success in this procedure.  The important anatomic landmarks are the femoral origin of the medial collateral ligament and the long digital extensor fossa.

Like other extracapsular repairs, this technique is best suited to patients with a tibial plateau angle less than <30°.  Also similar to other extracapsular techniques, approximately 2-3mm of cranial drawer can be expected postoperatively.  This technique is designed to use the fibertape/fiberwire material and may have a heightened risk of implant infection as noted above.  In light of this, strict sterile technique, usage of a betadine impregnated steridrape, and perioperative and postoperative antibiotics are recommended. We don't perform this technique. 

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