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Dr. Christina Cole has always had a passion for creatures of the four-legged variety. As
daughter of a cofounder of the Michigan Animal Adoption Network (MAAN), she
grew up immersed in the animal community. That passion never wavered and her
intention was always to get her degree in veterinary medicine. Unfortunately, God had
other plans for her. After interning at multiple veterinary offices and being present for
multiple surgeries, Dr. Christina realized the surgical aspect of veterinary medicine was
not for her, so she began looking at other options. After attending a graduate school fair
at the University of Michigan, where she completed her undergraduate degree in
Anthropology-Zoology, she fell in love with the idea of an alternative therapy for
animals, and thus her journey to become an animal chiropractor began.

After attending Life University for her chiropractic degree, Dr. Christina attended
Options for Animals College of Chiropractic. She is certified to practice animal
chiropractic by the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA) and has
been working with veterinarians to bring optimal health to those patients of the furry

Dr. Christina currently has three cats, Sammy, Snickers, and Tootsie as well as a
rescued foxhound/terrier mix, Mowgli. She serves as a member of the board of directors
for RichMar Equine Retirement and donates her services to various rescue groups and
shelters in order to enrich the lives of animals not yet fortunate enough to have found a
forever family.

Dr. Christina is not a veterinarian and she does not practice veterinary medicine.
She has completed rigorous training to become licensed and certified in her field, and
acknowledges chiropractic as an adjunct to veterinary medicine, not a replacement. As
such, she works by veterinary referral in accordance to Michigan Codes and Regulations.
To schedule an appointment with Dr. Christina, please call our office at 734-482-8171 or
 send us an email mianimalhospital@gmail.com. You can also schedule an appointment
online, just go to the home screen and click "request an appoitment".
For more information explore Dr. Christina's website

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