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I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Dhaliwal and his staff for the excellent care they have all provided to my Lena. I've been bringing Lena to Dr. Dhaliwal since I got her as a baby. Lena was so terrified of men that she just shook when she first met him. He soon won her over with his calm, gentle demeanor however. Now all I have to do is say his name and she runs straight to the door ready to go see him. Lena_Photo

Recently Dr. Dhaliwal saved Lena's life. She was diagnosed with a large lung tumor. After taking her to two specialists who said they could perform the surgery charging an astronomical fee, Dr. Dhaliwal offered to perform the surgery at a quarter of what they were asking! This was the only way I would be able to reasonably afford to help my baby. At first I balked because I just couldn't stand the thought of possibly losing Lena on the operating table. Dr. Dhaliwal was patient with me and allowed me the time to make the decision for myself. He didn't push at all, just told me to call when I was ready. Well, once I made the decision he was ready. He and Colleen were so kind when I dropped her off. They let me take my time with her.

The surgery was a success, and Lena is now home. Everybody was so kind and supportive. I can't say enough good things about this practice. Dr. Dhaliwal is sincerely interested in helping families who could not otherwise afford expensive surgeries for their pets. But they are also awesome with the everyday matters! The best vet ever!
Thank you so much Dr. Dhaliwal!

Wendy Estey
My family and I bought Rex in for a second opinion. Rex was taken to his then primary vet and the prognosis was not good. We were not given a lot of information and left the vet feeling very uneasy and uniformed. We bought Rex here and we saw Dr. Dhaliwal. The time spent with Dr. Dhaliwal was amazing. Dr. Dhaliwal took x-rays, a urinalysis, and a blood test during our visit. My family and I were given information about Rex's condition and several options. Dr. Dhaliwal took time to explain his findings, allowed us to ask questions and gave us time to digest the information, and ask questions again. Our family felt like our emotions mattered and Dr. Dhaliwal understood our bond and love for Rex. Our visit was not rushed and he did not make us rush into a decision concerning our baby boy. We left feeling informed and more importantly, like Rex was loved and not just another number for that day.

The Currie Family
Rex Currie
A very special thank you to Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital.
Bella_after-Achilles-SurgeryA few months ago my prized bird hunting dog/family pet tore her
Achilles tendon, after many phone calls and a lot of research I was directed to Dr. Dhaliwal. The surgery went great, my dog's leg was in a cast and I Bella _achilles-tendon-surgerykept her in a 6' x 6' pen most of the day for about 6  weeks to allow healing. Following the protocol for this surgery is extremely important, and I'm glad I did. 6 weeks after Bella's cast was removed, I was able to take her out for a short training session in the field and she performed exactly as well as she did prior to her accident. I am so grateful to now see her healing so well! Dr Dhaliwal guided me through every stage of the healing process which was a great help, the staff always treated me very kindly during the many follow-up's with the recasts. I must say Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital is the neatest, cleanest and nicest vet. hospital I have visited too. I have had several hunting dogs over 20 years with many unfortunate veterinary visits, without a doubt I will not go anywhere else for any serious issue for my dogs. When your pet needs a serious surgery, having things go as smooth as possible is PRICELESS! Thanks to much Dr, Dhaliwal
Scott W
Westland MI.

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