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Skin Disorders and Pet Allergies

Pets are susceptible to many skin disorders. Our goal is to recognize the different skin conditions and apply state of the art therapies to improve Your Pet’s quality of life. Our goal is to provide the highest quality medical care, diagnostics and owner education regarding their pet’s condition. Conditions to consider include: itching, scratching and chewing, paw licking and paw infections, chronic skin infections, severe dandruff, chronic ear infections, hair loss, flea allergies, mange (demodex and scabies), hormonal and auto-immune skin diseases and others. Learn more....

Pet Allergy testing:

Pet allergies are abnormal reactions by the Pet’s immune system against a normally harmless substance. Allergens are substances that the Pet’s body sees as harmful and thus trigger the Animal’s immune system. Allergies can affect Pets in a wide variety of ways: Dermal Effects (Welts, bumps, redness, rashes, hair loss, ear infections); Respiratory Effects (runny nose, discharge from the eyes, wheezing, coughing, constriction of the airway); Digestive Effects (food intolerance, food allergy, and both can result in vomiting, diarrhea, and chronic digestive upset); Systemic Effects (allergic reaction, anaphylaxis  can result in facial swelling, swelling of the airway, sudden drops in blood pressure, seizure, and even death). There are several causes of allergies in pets. To diagnose and treat Your Pet’s allergies, we provide both Intradermal skin testing and food trials - most allergies can be managed appropriately with a combination of avoidance, supplementation, medication and food trials. Learn more---

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