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Pet Eye Care (Ophthalmology)

Pets suffer many similar eye diseases that affect humans.  Our goal is to improve and preserve Your Pet’s vision and quality of life by providing the highest quality, compassionate ophthalmic care.  Signs that something might be wrong with your pet’s eyes and might need to visit our clinic include: Tearing, cloudiness, inflammation of the eye, discharge and crusty gunk, visible third eyelid, unequal pupil sizes, closed eyes or change in eye color and tear stained fur.

These signs might be associated with the following Conditions:

Conjunctivitis: One or both of your dog’s eyes will look red and swollen, and there may be discharge.

Dry Eye: Diminished tear production can cause corneal inflammation, squinting and discharge.

Cherry Eye: An enlarged tear gland forms a cherry-like mass on the dog's eye.

Epiphora: An overflow of tears creates stains on the dog’s facial fur.

Glaucoma: The cornea becomes cloudy and the eye enlarges due to an increased pressure in the eyeball.

Ectropion: A turning outward of the upper eyelid causes the lower lid to droop.

Entropion: A rolling in of the eyelid causes discharge and tearing.

Cataract: An opacity on the lens of the eye can cause impaired vision and possible blindness.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy: Caused by degeneration of retinal tissue—night blindness is often its first sign.

We also perform the following surgeries: cherry eye, enucleation of the eye, entropion and ectropion eye surgeries.
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