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My pet friends and I have been going to Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital for a few year now. I am 64 and have been to a few vets in my life. Dr. Dhaliwal, Dr. Grewal and their excellent staff all, have exhibited a compassion and ethical standard that is very refreshing in our rush,rush, world. The professionalism shown toward my pets, in good times and bad, 4 cats, two dogs and a feral colony of cats which the staff has helped me maintain with trap, neuter/rabies shot and release and all services for a very reasonable price, has been top notch. In our world where ethics and professionalism is sometimes questionable, this vet I hold in high esteem. Keep up the good work people!
Marshal Gaines
Feb 24,2012

We were first time clients of the Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital when we brought in a stray kitten we found outside our apartment. She was extremely timid and had what we thought to be an infected abscess on her cheek, but Dr.Dhaliwal and staff were very gentle and loving with her and took great care in treating what turned out to be a larvae that burrowed into her skin.
She is in much better spirits since her visit and is quickly becoming a very affectionate and grateful kitty. I would like to personally recommend this facility to anyone looking for genuine, quality medical/emotional attention for their pets.

Caleb Zweifler             Aug03, 2011

This is Friday.  To see him now, you'd never think he was so injured that he was given less than 5% chance of survival.

In fact, Dr. Dhaliwal named him the Miracle Cat of 2007. 
Friday was a feral cat, mauled by an unleashed dog.  Neighbors saw the dog with something in it's jaws, repeatedly slamming it on the ground.  They were able to catch the dog and force it to release the cat, but when they went back for the cat, it was gone.

I searched the alley for five days but no cat.

On a Friday morning, I stepped out to go to work, and there was the cat laying in the doorway.  He was too weak to stand, barely able to resist, so I scooped him up and drove him to Dr. Dhaliwal.   

Dr. Dhaliwal didn't think he'd live long enough to examine completely, but could tell the cat was not getting oxygen so he plunked it in an oxygen tent.    An hour later the cat was still alive and trying to breathe on his own.    Since he came to me on a Friday, we named him Friday.

That was the begining of a 4-month recovery.  Each small step was one more day Friday was alive, but no promises for the next.

I've taken my cats to Dr. Dhaliwal since he opened, and have total faith in him with my furry kids. 
But I've never had a cat so sick, so hurt as Friday.

Dr. Dhaliwal said he'd rarely seen a cat battered this badly survive, but "this cat wants to live, and we must try."   

In his quiet way, Dr. Dhaliwal seemed to commune with Friday,  " what can we do for you today that will help you live, ease your pain".

With Dr. Dhaliwal's skill, and Friday's will, and the caring staff at Mich Ave Animal Hospital,  he survived.  
Now Friday's my big boy, a beautiful silky silver bundle of love.   I'm so lucky, and I can truely say "TGIF!"  every day.

Thank you so many times over for my beautiful, loving Friday. 

Julie Brown

Dear Dr. Dhaliwal and Staff,

                On April 26, 2010 our dog Brandy suffered a serious accident resulting in her left rear leg broken in three places with an entire section of bone missing leaving a three inch gap of space.  I called the Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital on April 28th asking for an immediate appointment with Dr. Dhaliwal to review Brandy’s x-rays (taken elsewhere), Jamie ( Receptoinist) didn’t hesitate to become involved with Brandy’s case and explained quickly and precisely what needed to be done on our part. We had her transferred to Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital. 

                Thank you to all involved in Brandy’s surgery. Brandy went home next day with a metal plate and screws that will enable her to return to normal activity in less than 6 months.  Brandy’s father is 88 years old and Brandy is the Light of his existence.  I have been a client of Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital for several years and I must tell you that Brandy’s parents are true converters to your practice, even though it means they will travel 20 miles one way to ensure Brandy’s health and well being in the future.

 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

Charlotte Payne

(Mother of Tinkerbelle and Roho)

Incredible Teamwork and Compassion by Dr. Dhaliwal and his staff!

This is a very special story for me to write and I hope I can tell it in a way that will help all of you feel the love, compassion and teamwork Pete and I felt through this journey with a very special girl named Sierra. As I have said in most of my newsletters over the past year, Friends of MI Animal Rescue has found a veterinarian who is not only the person we take our animals to for spay/neuter but who has a special team of people who take great care of all of our animals no matter what we/they need from them.

About 3 months ago the shelter received a mom with kittens. She was a beautiful grey long haired girl but she was very thin. A couple of months went by and she still hadn’t gained much weight. One of the volunteers noticed that she seemed to be having a difficult time breathing. Our first thought was that she had an upper respiratory infection, so we took her to Dr. Dhaliwal to check her out and give her antibiotics. When Dr. Dhaliwal examined her he told us that her breathing problem was not an upper respiratory infection and he would like to keep her to do some blood work and x-rays. His first thought was Sierra may have heartworm disease. We left her with Dr. Dhaliwal and his wonderful staff with a promise to return at closing and pick her up.

When we returned that evening we were shown the x-rays. Dr. Dhaliwal explained that Sierra had a severe herniated diaphragm. He told us that she probably has had it for some time, possibly since she was a kitten. We could do surgery but if the mass had attached itself to her heart or another major organ she would probably not make it through surgery. He also told us that the surgery was not an easy one to do especially if there were complications. Pete and I had a very hard decision to make. I thought it through and had made the decision to help her out of her pain. We had just given her a sedative and I was saying my good byes when Dr. Dhaliwal, said if we were willing to accept the risks he was willing to do what he could to help her. If she didn’t make it at least we would know we all did out best to help her. Pete and I agreed. I started to put her in one of their kennels so she would be ready for surgery when they came in the next day. I was really impressed that he was willing to do surgery on a Saturday for us. Then Dr. Dhaliwal and his team shocked us! Sarah, Katie and Dr. Dhaliwal all postponed their plans for the evening and told us they were going to stay after hours and do the surgery right away!!! I couldn’t believe what they and their families were sacrificing for this little girl and for our shelter. Pete and I agreed to stay and help and it was a night I think we will all remember forever.

Dr. Dhaliwal told Katie and Sarah what he needed and all three of them went to work while Pete and I waited for the surgery to begin. They prepared the table and the anesthesia. After they were set up they began to prepare Sierra for the most important day of her life. We watched as Dr. Dhaliwal talked to us and showed us everything he was doing, what he was seeing and how he was feeling. He was working on Sierra for about fifteen minutes when I heard a sigh and a sensed just how difficult this surgery was turning out to be. Dr. Dhaliwal could see what he needed to do, but the tiny organs needed to be moved and the liver and gallbladder were being stubborn. I had a feeling for a moment that Dr. Dhaliwal felt (just for a second) that he might not be able to fix her. Then he made another decision. She didn’t have a chance of survival with the hernia so he would need to make a longer incision and take his chances. Well….what a wonderful decision it was. Once Dr. Dhaliwal made the incision he found the room he needed to pull the obstruction down and close up the hole made by the hernia. It was then that Sarah, Katie and Dr. Dhaliwal went to work putting Sierra back together. Sarah kept her lungs working while Katie handed Dr. Dhaliwal the sutures and materials he needed. No matter what Dr. Dhaliwal needed Sarah and Katie found it for him. Once Sierra was all stitched up and breathing on her

own we all let out a sigh of relief! It was over and so far it seemed as if everything was a success! Sarah and Katie injected medication into Sierra’s IV, heated a towel for her and made her comfortable for the night. The next 24 hours were going to be critical. Pete and I went home feeling a sense of gratitude and feeling as if we were a part of the best team in the world.

Early the next morning Pete and I called to see how Sierra had faired over night. She not only made it through the night but she had used the litter box!!! By 10:00 AM she was laying on her back purring. We picked her up and brought her home where we made her a special bed inside our home where she will stay and recover. She slept for about an hour and then she was up and eating. Sierra has a long healing process ahead of her but I am sure with her determination to live and the help of Dr. Dhaliwal and his team Sierra is going to be just fine. No matter what the out come had been, one thing we confirmed that night is that we not only have an excellent doctor and medical staff for our shelter and personal animals, we have a team who works with us for the safety and welfare of the animals and the well being of the shelter as a whole.

With heartfelt thanks and appreciation, Pete, Marcy and the entire staff and board of directors of Friends of MI Animal Rescue thank each and every one of the people at Dr. Dhaliwal’s office for being a part of our team. We would not be able to do what we do for these animals without you. There was one very special person missing the day of Sierra’s surgery that I would also like to mention and thank. Sally was not there that night but I am sure if she was she would have stayed to help. Thank you to all of you for your help and dedication but most of all thank you for acknowledging FMAR as part of your team. We look forward to a bright, successful and blessed new year for FMAR, Dr. Dhaliwal and all of our staff.

January 9, 2011

In late summer of 2010, our six year old beagle/springer  Ranger severely tore his cruciate ligament and meniscis while chasing a possum in our yard. The chase only lasted a few seconds when we heard a YIP in the dark and Ranger came back moments later limping on his left rear leg. After a few days there was no improvement so we took him to our vet where Ranger was diagnosed with the cruciate ligament tear. Our vet suggested Ranger have surgery to repair his knee.

Ranger is a canine athlete. He competes in Flyball and Agility. We wanted the best surgical solution for him so he could return to competition. Our vet suggested an encapsulation surgery that would relieve his pain and some function. This is where our research started. We were referred to a prominent Oakland County veterinary hospital. We were told about a Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) surgery that would return Ranger to a high function. But the cost for us was prohibitive. Disappointed,  I returned home I came across Dr. Dhaliwal’s website. It said that second opinions were no charge so I made the call and set up an appointment.

Once I arrived to Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital in Ypsilanti, MI, I was put at ease by Dr. Dhaliwal’s professional staff. After a thorough examination, Dr. Dhaliwal said he could help us. He told us that he had on his staff Dr. Terry Zachos who had done this TPLO surgery many times as a surgeon at Michigan State Veterinary Clinic. Most importantly the cost of the TPLO surgery was 1/3 less than the previous estimate we got. This made it affordable for us without sacrificing quality care. Most importantly there were know hidden costs or “surprises”.  A short time later Ranger had his surgery at Dr. Dhaliwal’s state of the art surgery center in Canton, MI.  Dr. Zachos and Dhaliwal performed the surgery without any problems. Now after eight weeks of recovery Ranger is doing better than expected and will return to competition very soon.

Thank you Dr. Dhaliwal and Dr. Zachos for such compassionate and expert care!!!!

Jim and Pat McAuliffe     Goodrich, MI


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