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Veterinary Rehabilitation

Special Care Services

Our veterinarians in Ypsilanti offer a wide variety of specialty care services to help cats and dogs live happier and healthier lives.

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Pain Management

Help your pet stay comfortable as they recover from illnesses or surgical procedures with pain management.

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Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Encourage your cat or dog's natural healing mechanisms with this gentle rehabilitative therapy.

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Diagnose and learn how to treat and manage your pet's allergies whether they are mild or severe.

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  • Spinal Manipulation Therapy

    Veterinary spinal manipulation therapy offers dogs and cats in Ypsilanti and beyond a gentle, non-invasive and chemical-free way of encouraging their own bodies' healing mechanisms using chiropractic adjustments and manual therapy. Book An Appointment What is Spinal Manipulatio...
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  • Pain Management

    Our veterinary team at Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital uses pain management to help alleviate pain your cats and dogs in Ypsilanti are experiencing as a result of health issues or a surgical procedure. Book An Appointment What is Pain Management? Cats (and sometimes dogs) will often instin...
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  • Pet Allergies

    Our veterinarians at Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital provide testing, diagnosis and management options for allergic reactions in Ypsilanti dogs and cats.  Book An Appointment What are pet allergies? Just like in humans, allergies are abnormal reactions by our pets' immune systems to substa...
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Caring for Pets in Ypsilanti

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