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Pet Allergies Treatment in Ypsilanti

Our veterinarians at Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital provide testing, diagnosis and management options for allergic reactions in Ypsilanti dogs and cats. 

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What are common allergies in cats and dogs?

Just like in humans, allergies are abnormal reactions by our pets' immune systems to substances which are regularly harmless. Your pet's body identifies allergens (substances they are allergic to) as harmful and triggers an immune system response to fight the threat.

At Michigan Avenue Animal Hospital, we assess and diagnose your pet's allergic reactions and apply state-of-the-art therapies and at-home care guidance in order to ensure the highest quality of life possible for your beloved companion.

Pet Allergies, Ypsilanti Veterinarians

Treating Pet Allergies in Ypsilanti

In order to diagnose and treat your cat or dog's allergies, our veterinarians provide food trials and intradermal skin tests.

After identifying the source of your pet's allergic reaction, their allergy will most often be able to be properly managed with special diets, supplements, medications and avoidance.

Symptoms of Allergies in Cats and Dogs

Allergies can affect your pet in a variety of different ways depending on the cause and severity of their allergic reaction. Some of the symptoms of allergies in your cat or dog can include:

  • Respiratory Effects (including coughing, wheezing and airway constriction)
  • Digestive Effects (diarrhea and chronic digestive upset)
  • Dermal Effects (rashes, ear infections, bumps, or redness)
  • Systemic Effects (anaphylaxis, sudden drops in blood pressure, and seizure)

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